Sitevision version checker


A while back, Sitevision decided to replace the version with a hash in the output, and after that, they removed it altogether. I believe they did it for security reasons, but it's still a shame since it made debugging slightly easier.

I often find myself skimming through the source code, searching for the current version of the application being used. Mostly because I need it while developing new features or squashing bugs.

Since I primarily work with Sitevision, I decided to whip together this simple website that could do the work for me.

The easiest way to determine the version of Sitevision is by finding a script tag looking like the one below.

<script> = || {};
  sv.PageContext = {
    pageId: '2.1e4e512b16a985f908e63',
    siteId: '2.1e4e512b16a985f908e63',
    userIdentityId: '',
    userIdentityReadTimeout: 0,
    userLocale: 'sv',
    versionPath: '6.2.1-230',
    dev: false,
    csrfToken: '',
    html5: true,
    useServerSideEvents: false,
    nodeIsReadOnly: false

Now – if that one is missing – you could always rely on linked assets in the head section. There are usually multiple stylesheets and scripts like the following one.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/sitevision/6.2.1-230/envision/envision.css" />

Try it out by checking which version my employer –– uses.

Sitevision version checker